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Chapter 41: Representing the School In A TV Program, Translator: Henyee Translations | Editor: Henyee Translations, “Hey, Huo Yichen, who gave you breakfast? Are you eating it?” Huo Yichen’s deskmate was the only person who could talk to him., The deskmate spoke while reaching for the lunch box., Unexpectedly, Huo Yichen slapped the back of his hand, causing it to hurt., “It’s mine.” Huo Yichen quickly stuffed the things under his desk., His deskmate could not understand Huo Yichen’s confused behavior. He didn’t eat it himself and didn’t let him eat either. Wasn’t it going to be a waste?, There was a physical education class in the morning, and it happened to be the same class as Huo Yichen’s class. When they were free, Nan Qiao sneaked over and talked to Huo Yichen., “Have you eaten the breakfast? How is it? Does it taste good?” The girl had just exercised, and her hair was a little sweaty. She was full of youth, and there was a comfortable smile on her face., Huo Yichen saw a drop of sweat falling from Nan Qiao’s jawline. His throat moved and he turned his head. “I didn’t eat it. I threw it away.”, The girl was instantly displeased and disappointed. “Oh…”, She held a bottle of mineral water in her hand and sat gloomily by the flower bed. She kept a distance from Huo Yichen, but she made sure he could hear her clearly., “If you don’t like buns and soy milk, I’ll bring you something else tomorrow.” Nan Qiao thought for a while before convincing herself and looking up again., “Don’t you understand? 1 don’t want your things.” Huo Yichen’s eyes were inky black, making him look terrifying., Nan Qiao was furious. She covered her ears and shouted, “1 won’t listen, 1 won’t listen. If you don’t like what 1 brought you today, I’ll bring something else tomorrow. Anyway, we’re friends now. Don’t even think about getting rid of me.”, Nan Qiao quickly ran away after saying that. She didn’t want to hear him say those heartbreaking words., Nan Qiao’s heart ached at the thought of Huo Yichen. His family was in a difficult situation and he had to bear a huge sum of medical fees, but this person was so unreasonable., How annoying!, In the distance, Nan Zhi and Qiuqiu could not help but laugh at Nan Qiao when they saw the scene., “That’s hilarious. Huo Yichen turned her down after she tried to suck up to him?”, “Even if Huo Yichen was easy to get close to, how could it ever be Nanqiao’s turn? Only Zhi Zhi can get close to Huo Yichen, and Huo Yichen will only treat Zhi Zhi well.”, “I’m really envious of you, Zhi Zhi. There’s a school hunk who’s obsessed with you. However, I heard that the other school hunk’s family is holding a banquet in two days. Zhi Zhi, are you going?”, “Mm… My legs aren’t very convenient, so I probably won’t go.” Nan Zhi felt comfortable listening to Qiuqiu’s envious words., It seemed that Nan Qiao really liked Huo Yichen, but Huo Yichen only liked her and it angered Nan Qiao to death., Originally, she had not intended to open her eyes to look at Huo Yichen because he was too poor, but now, Nan Zhi had changed her mind. It was worth it to use Huo Yichen to anger Nan Qiao., At noon, Nan Qiao and An Nuo returned from the canteen. The form teacher called out to Nan Qiao., “Nan Qiao, I have something to tell you. Are you free?” the teacher asked tentatively., Nan Qiao raised her eyebrows in confusion. Why did the form teacher’s attitude change so much?, “Yes, what do you want to say, Teacher?”, “It’s like this. This year, our school is going to participate in a TV program. Since our school is the No. 1 Middle School, we want to find a talented person from our school to participate in that program. What I mean is, why don’t you go? I think highly of you and think you can definitely do it.” Teacher He said with a hint of flattery, as if everything was negotiable., It’s okay if you don’t go. I definitely won’t force you., “What program would that be?”, Nan Qiao asked slowly. If it wasn’t a waste of time, she could go., “It’s a survival program set on a deserted island. At that time, there will be some activities related to solving puzzles on the island. It’s specially prepared for students. Firstly, it’ll help to showcase the strength of our No.l Middle School students. Secondly, it also helps advertise for No.l Middle School. These days, there are many rising high schools who are worthy of our competition.”, Nan Qiao fell into deep thought, wondering if she should go., Seeing Nan Qiao’s reaction, Teacher He felt that she was probably going to reject him, so he said, “If you go, there will be 20,000 yuan as a bonus. Although I know you look down on this 20,000 yuan, but…”, “I’ll go!” Nan Qiao immediately agreed when she heard that there was 20,000 yuan. “Who said 1’11 look down on 20,000 yuan?”, “That’s good. Then 1’11 report this matter to the principal. The recording will start on Monday, and it will take up about three days of time.” Teacher He was afraid that Nan Qiao would go back on her word, so he quickly finalized it and left., However, as he walked, he pondered. Do the young heiresses nowadays still care so much about 20,000 yuan? Indeed, the richer the person, the more frugal they were. It seemed that he had to start being frugal., It was unknown how Nan Zhi came to know that there was such a thing, but she was expecting the teacher to select her that day., She was the teacher’s favorite student. Usually, if there was anything good, she would be the first to be called by the teacher. This time was definitely no exception., Earlier, when Nan Qiao was talking to the teacher, An Nuo did not eavesdrop. Instead, she went back to the classroom first. At this moment, An Nuo could no longer hold back her curiosity and pulled Nan Qiao aside to “extort a confession”., “What did Teacher say to you that was so mysterious?” Although An Nuo was also very curious, it was clear that Teacher wanted to avoid her at that time., “He didn’t say much. He just said that 1’11 have to go to an event in two days.” Nan Qiao said indifferently, but it smashed a huge hole in An Nuo’s heart., “Are you saying that you’re going to participate in the TV program in two days? How many people are going? It can’t be just you, right?” When An Nuo found out that Nan Qiao was going to be on television, she was even happier than if she was on television herself. She was extremely excited and held Nan Qiao’s hand as she asked non-stop., “It should be just me.” Nan Qiao thought for a moment. The teacher seemed to have said that she was the only one., “Our Qiaoqiao is too amazing.” Though she was a study committee member and was not chosen by the teacher, she was not jealous at all. In fact she was very proud of Nan Qiao., Especially when she said the last few words, her childish voice was especially pleasant to the ears., Although her sweet voice was a bit high pitched, it did not make people feel uncomfortable at all., At this moment, Huo Yichen, who was next door, suddenly passed by the window. Nan Zhi saw him at this moment and immediately called out to Huo Yichen., “Huo Yichen, can you stay after school? I want to talk to you.”, Although he didn’t know what she wanted to say to him, Huo Yichen still nodded., Huo Yichen didn’t forget to glance at Nan Qiao when he nodded., This was because he had caught a glimpse of Nan Qiao when he retracted his gaze., Nan Qiao and Huo Yichen looked at each other, and Nan Qiao was the first to leave., Nan Qiao was dissatisfied. She bit her lip and tilted her head as if she was angry with someone..

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